Versatile product portfolio

The diverse product portfolio of the company is used in the building of pumping and valves, as well as in the food and pharmaceutical industry and the energy mechanical engineering.

Highest requirements for precision and the durability in those three core area, this is what Edelstahlwerke Schmees offers to national and international clients. From the individual piece until large series we are able to deliver ready-to-use Castings of the highest quality.

Housing for turbines, pumps and valves are only a small part of our wide range an products passing the factory gates. Many exhibits of important artists are produced in the plants in Langenfeld and Pirna..

Food engineering and chemical apparatus engineering

Steelworks Schmees deliver various products, e.g. for the food industry.

SCHMEES cast Kutterschüssel

Rustproof, extremely resistant to corrosion and low-wear steels are the materials for the food and the pharmaceutical industry, as well as for the chemical apparatus engineering. The corresponding accurate processing and the highest grade of surface finish for an absolute hygienic sterility at the production are at top priority at Edelstahlwerke Schmees.

Turbine engineering

For the turbine construction, durability in permanent use is the minimum requirement to the quality of the products. Whether air rings, enclosures of gas-water turbine or steam-turbine, all products produced at Edelstahlwerke Schmees pass everyday use with flying colors.

Pumping and fittings equipment

Renowned pump manufacturer depend on these quality products by Edelstahlwerke Schmees.

SCHMEES cast Laufrad

As well in this special field, the highest requirements are applied to the manufacturing quality. Decades of experience with the processing of impellers and diffuser in the ceramic casting take account of the requirements. The references of renowned pump manufacturer for quality made by Schmees speak for themselves.

 Product examples