Enjoyment of art from noble casting

Casted art, i.e. like the vases at Palais judiciaire, Luxembourg from Prof. Horst Gläsker, place very high demands on the skill of the founder.

In numerous locations, domestic and international, one can find unusual art objects, produced by SCHMEES art, a brand of Edelstahlwerke Schmees GmbH. These are exponents made out of high quality casted steel.

“Casted Art” demands the casters highest skill and knowledge. The goal is to realise and satisfy the individual conceptions of the artist. In addition there is also craftsman skill, technical know-how and also an affinity to art paired with love for detail.

The presented Exponents show the selection of casted art in the last years. We thank the artists and our customers for the shared trust.

Individual items

Due to the requirements of the artist and the distinctiveness of the artwork, individual workmanship/processing is a high priority and the emphasis is placed on individuality.

Furthermore, good preparation and advice are also a must, when it comes to the individual nature of a work of art.

Ultimately, consultation with the artist or client is crucial in the production of objects of the smallest size as well as impressive sculptures, like the 6000kg “Flexion” by Thomas Kuby, placed in front of the GTZ centre in Eschborn.

SCHMEES as a art foundry

Tony Cragg , world-renowned English artist, lecturer and many years director of the Düsseldorf Art Academy, leaves his ambitious large sculptures in Edelstahlwerke Schmees produced in Langenfeld or Pirna .

More than 80 objects from Schmees are now seen worldwide.

Schmees produced among other things a 6 meter high stainless steel sculpture with a weight of 3,700 kg. The artwork with the name Lugano was polished in good 3500 hours in manual labor .

Examples of selected Artworks