The finish for fine cast

Steelworks Schmees deliver ready machined precision castings, for the intended use around the world.

After the successful casting, there are further important steps until the product is ready to use. These include after treatment of the castings like turbine blasting, Cleaning, various heat treatments and the priming or varnishing.
Depending on the customer needs, the raw castings will be reworked or finished mechanically or by hand. In that case, ready-to-use precision castings are leaving our production sites.

Heat treatment

The right choice of heat treatment and the method of execution are important factors on the final qualities of the finished casting.

Heat treatment is understood to be all processes during which a part is subjected to time-temperature sequences for the purpose of conferring properties to it, thus making it suitable for its further processing or use, i.e. normalizing, quenching and tempering, stress relief heat treatment, solution annealing and stabilizing.

Mechanical finishing

The pre-machining or finishing is done by the use of state-of-the-art CNC cutting machines and lathes.

There are specialists working in Langenfeld and Pirna, responsible for the mechanical finishing. The Well equipped workshops enable a finish, which is achieved by using conventional machines as well as the latest CNC-controlled cutting machines. Depending on the demands of the order, the castings leave the house in rough machined or finished machined quality.