Investment in the future

Edelstahlwerke Schmees practice active environmental protection and resource conservation. We are continuously optimizing our production workflows and we invest in research.

casting simulation

For Steelworks Schmees, Sustainability means to increase productivity and to strengthen the future potential. We are optimizing existing processes and using modern and innovative technologies efficiently. For us, sustainability is an essential basis, that improves the ecological, economical and social performance of the company. We at Steelworks Schmees are living this philosophy.

The consideration of ecological and economical aspects, under the integration of most innovative ladle heating station and the latest porous burner, guarantees an optimal shape and design of the castings. To use resources and raw material efficiently, is the secret of contemporary manufactory

Environment innovations

A lot of energy for research, but little energy for the production.

Per year we are able to save over 100.000 cubic meters of natural gas and over 160 tons of CO2 equivalent. The saving in the plant Langenfeld was measured with 61.400 cubic metres (60% of primary energy) and 114 tonns CO2This is possible because of a new self-developed burner technology

The reduction of the harmful carbon dioxide has long been a concern for Schmees. A concept, where the climate protection, efficient use of resources and industrial modernization go side by side shows, that everyone involved benefits from this interaction. We know that sustainability strengths the positions of our company in the market und with that, the position of our costumers. At the same time, we are supporting the protection and the preserving of our environment.

Employees shape the success

Professional and social competence are important elements for the success of the business.

SCHMEES employees

The sum of all individual performances of our employees and executives is the foundation of the company’s success. As an important investment in the future, we support in the personal development of our employees. The contribution of own ideas regarding the improvement of working processes are essential to optimize the standards for quality and sustainability.