Working in beautiful places

Our locations in Pirna and Langenfeld. Business centre and a healthy urban environment. The right location is a factor in the company’s success.

One of the most successful entrepreneurs once said, that people work better there, where the landscape is beautiful. The economic success of both plants of the Edelstahlwerke Schmees prove this uncommon these right.

Our plants are conveniently located to the Cities of Cologne/Düsseldorf and Dresden. The high economic power and the excellent infrastructure of those regions have a positive impact on the performance of our production. The very good transport connections at both plants, guaranteeing a constant supply with raw material and the distribution of our products.

Two locations, one philosophy

Both plants have modern facilities. The locations mutually benefit from new developments and motivated employees

The manufactory goes visionary and structured into the future – always with an eye for the essential. Whether in the development of materials or of machines, sustainability and innovations are the companies parameters – for a future-oriented ‘more’ and for its clients.

For BIG demands

Locations map for Germany

Location Map

The plant in Pirna is specialized in the production of precision castings with a weight up to 10t. More than 180 employees are casting 3000t annually and guaranteeing an implementation of orders to customer needs. With the highest quality.

Every year at the company site in Langenfeld, there are 1,200 tons of stainless steel being processed into high-quality machine elements, whereby the focus is on high-alloyed steel casting qualities.