Leading edge through innovative melting techniques

An optimal end product depends on several factors. In the focus of the production is still the melting and casting.

The quality of the raw material is decisive for the final product. So technicians are checking the quality before and during the melting process with the latest analysis equipment. When the raw material corresponds with the high requirements of our company, it will be processed using the latest induction or arc furnace.

Those modern melting techniques, from the raw material until the processing, ensure that only the best stainless steel castings are being made in the plants in Langenfeld and Pirna. From the raw material to the processing. Only the most innovative equipment guarantees this quality and this under the compliance of resource and energy efficiency.

State-of-the-art casting

The optimal casting depends on the chosen material and the processing technology. This is how prototypes and preproduction can be produced, with regard to series maturity, which will be produced in heat or wear-resistant material and with that, they are use and functionality production-ready.

Depending on the task and demand, there are different molding processes:

  • Quantities up to 100kg – mechanical molding process
  • High demands on the surface quality – ceramic molding process
  • Heavy weights up to 10 tons – the handmade sand casting process