Digital media from and with Schmees

Learn about the family business. In image and sound.

Birth of the Falcon

Watch in this video the creation of a special art object made ​​of stainless steel: the falcon.

A look into Edelstahlwerke Schmees by Prof. Dr. Gerhard Kreysa

In this video, you learn about how the entrepreneurial family Schmees developed an old foundry into a globally acting stainless steel manufactury over time.

A glassy manufacture in Pirna?!

Clemens Schmees and his stainless steel plant of the same name confront new things with an open mind. He tried new products with his employees again and again, and establishes the sector of art in his company. World famous artists have their works made of stainless steel in Pirna. The manufacture shall be expanded and, at a later date, obtain a representative production facility.

Environmental Award 2015 – Heat Recovery Plant

Every two years, outstanding efforts for protecting the environmental and natural resources, as well as nature conservation, are commended with the Saxon Environmental Award. Over the course of the nominations, this movie about the development of a special Heat Recovery Plant was produced.

Long Night of Industry

Pupils, students and interested citizens could participate in a special night shift in our plant in Pirna. Edelstahlwerke Schmees invited to the “Long Night of Industry”. Over the course of this event, we had the opportunity to present our company clearly, and offer us as an attractive employee and training workplace.

Faces of Pirna

Sigrid and Dieter Schmees learned to love Pirna. The couple actually lived in Langenfeld in the Rhineland. Their first visit in Pirna was 1992 on a rainy day. „Everything is gray-on-gray and not very pretty“, they remember. It was the people in Pirna, that Sigrid and Dieter Schmees took into their hearts. This was one of the deciding factors that led them to taking over the foundry in Pirna Copitz.

A tour through Edelstahlwerke Schmees

Edelstahlwerke Schmees produce steel and stainless steel product on both their plants in Langenfeld (Rhineland) and Pirna (Saxon). About 70% of their products are made for building energy machines and pumps.

Stainless steel cast without fire

An innovative porous burner helps Edelstahlwerke Schmees save 50% natural gas to preheat important tools.